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Choosing the Best Colours for Your Wedding

Choosing the Best Colours for Your Wedding


Planning your wedding is likely to be one of the most exciting, yet stressful, things you will ever do. Chances are you have been planning for this day since you were a little girl. The colour scheme for your wedding is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding, yet can be the most difficult due to the variety of options. Here are some tips to help you choose a colour scheme for your wedding and how to incorporate those colours into your wedding plans.

How Many Colours to Choose

Many wedding planners suggest that brides select a colour scheme for their wedding that consists of three different colours. The first colour is the dominant colour that should be prominently displayed throughout the wedding. The second colour works as a supportive colour to help compliment the dominant colour. Finally, an accent colour should be selected and only used sporadically throughout the wedding decorations. To get a good look at what colour options are available, head out to a local paint store and look at some of their sample colour cards, or leaf through some bridal magazines.

Things to Consider

Here is a look at several things you should take into consideration before making your final colour choice for your wedding.


•Venue. When choosing the colours for your wedding it is imperative that you consider where the ceremony and/or reception will be held. Take into consideration the colour of the walls, carpet, décor and curtains at these venues. There is nothing you can do to change the colours at the venue, so you must be sure that the colours you use will blend in nicely with whatever is already there.


•Season. You may […]

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10 tips for the perfect wedding reception

Planning a wedding reception is fun and exciting, but it takes a lot of preplanning and preparation. If you are planning a wedding in Perth or its surrounding areas, you have selected a beautiful destination, with many wedding reception options available. There are several things you can do right from the beginning to ensure your wedding reception is perfect. Here is a list of the top ten tips for planning the perfect wedding reception.


1.      Start Planning Early

To plan the perfect wedding reception, you must start planning early. It takes time to make all the necessary arrangements and you do not want to rush through it. You should select a location for your reception at least six months ahead of your wedding date. Otherwise, you may be stuck settling for the only reception venue with space available.


2.      Set a Budget

The perfect wedding does not have to be the most expensive. Set a budget early and check it often. You do not want to run out of money early on in the planning stage, and not have enough funds to get the little extras for your reception.


3.      Know Your Venue

Make sure that you know all the details about the space where you are holding the reception. You want to know the maximum capacity of the room, what staff will be available on your wedding day, when can you start to set up, and what services are included, such as table linen, and table set-up and tear down. Do not assume anything, this way you will know exactly how to plan your reception.


4.      Select a Caterer

Before you start shopping around for caterers, make sure that the venue for your wedding allows outside caterers. If not, you will […]

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Choosing the perfect wedding dress

Selecting the Perfect Wedding Dress for your special day may be one of the most important decisions you have to make when planning for your wedding day. You want to find a dress that looks great and matches your personal style. With so many wedding dresses available, finding the perfect one for you can be quite difficult. Here are some tips to help you find the dress of your dreams.


Know Your Wedding Details

You should not start shopping for your wedding dress until you know some of the specifics about your wedding, such as when and where it will take place. Since you may be shopping for your dress months in advance of your wedding day, it is vital that you consider what time of year you will be holding your ceremony. For example, if you are having a summer wedding, you would not want a dress with long sleeves. You also need to consider the location of the wedding when picking a dress. If you are having an outdoor wedding on the beach, a dress with a long train may not work so well.


Set a Budget

It is also important that you set a budget for your wedding dress before you start shopping. Know the price range that you want to stay within, and what the highest price you can afford is. If someone else is purchasing your wedding dress, you will need to work together to set an appropriate budget. Tell the bridal boutique salesperson what your price range is from the beginning. This will avoid the chance of falling in love with a certain wedding dress that is well over your budget.


Find the Perfect Fit

When shopping for a wedding dress, do not pay attention […]

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Margaret River Weddings

Margaret River Weddings: So you have determined that a Perth wedding is not for you and would love to head down south to enjoy the beautiful scenery, accommodation and food that is available.

Many Perth brides are now holding their wedding ceremonies in the Margaret river area to take advantage of the laid back atmosphere that the south west provides.

Weddings held in the southwest are some of the most enjoyable locations for a Margaret River Weddings in Western Australia. Being bound with amazing scenery, also there are plentiful options in choosing a venue that will provide outstanding service. Considering a wedding in this part of our state is something that should be high on your list in your quest for your perfect wedding location.

Wedding photography will really come into its own with the beautiful scenery that’s available to your wedding photographer to bring out the best in your photos; locations are endless with Yallingup being a great spot for your wedding photos. Margaret River with its charming town and many beautiful areas close by for your photos. Being around 9 km to the beach this has some wonderful places to capture your day.

Many locations for you wedding reception include

Abbey beach resort is located between the Busselton town centre and Dunsborough; it offers beautiful landscaped gardens and a beach to hold your perfect wedding ceremony. Abbey beach can cater for large reception parties or a more intimate event.  It hosts a range of accommodation options for your guests so they can relax and enjoy the night.

Caves house situated in the surfing hotspot of Yallingup is a very popular venue to hold weddings at in the southwest. It offers heritage listed gardens for a garden wedding ceremony which certainly […]

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Wedding Reception Venues Perth

Deciding on a Perth wedding reception venue
When organising a wedding one of the first things to consider is choosing a wedding venue for your reception.

Once this is decided on and the date is confirmed it allows you to book celebrants or the church and other suppliers like wedding photographers and a DJ.The size of your wedding party and number of guests you invite will also need to finalise before booking the reception venue. as you may choose a venue that can not cater for your number of guests.

Some Venues have the benefit of allowing the wedding ceremony and reception to be held all in the one location, giving more time to be spent with guests, less commuting time is involved and allowing your wedding photographer to spend more time taken photos without the need to travel to separate locations for photography. You need to take into account what you require for your reception venue and ceremony needs. If you are religious you will most likely want to hold your ceremony at a church or other religious locations in Perth. You have to also weigh up how close the ceremony is to the reception venue as this may be a contributing factor in your final decision.

Parks are probably the most common choice for a Perth wedding ceremony today. Choosing this type for your wedding you are presented with endless options to decide over. However you should have a backup plan should bad weather be expected for your day.

Another popular location is a beach wedding considering Perth’s beautiful coastline and weather to match, the sound of the breaking waves in the background can bring sense of peace and serenity to your wedding ceremony. A couple of […]

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Album


Once it was an easy job to choose a photo album from your wedding photographer, now with the numerous Options available, that task has now become more complex. Today’s albums come in many styles from photo books or otherwise known as coffee table books, or the more upmarket flush mount albums and prestige matted albums. Some suppliers of albums in Australia include Jorgensen (located in Perth) and Seldex both companies provide albums of the highest quality to selected photographers and don’t sell direct to the public, so you will need to select a professional photographer if you would like one of their albums.

Styles of Wedding Albums

Photo books are mostly offset printing on a variety of paper stocks. These premium photography books are at the lower end in cost but still offer an excellent product for bride and groom to have an affordable memory from their wedding day to cherish.

Flush mount albums are printed on silver halide photo paper which is superior to offset digital albums. Photos can be printed edge to edge allowing a full page image with no border. Also they are available in a beautiful art paper with a matt finish that absolutely shows off your wedding photos. Available in an endless range of cover options these wedding photography albums are one of my favourites in style and presentation.

Matted albums where once the only style of wedding albums that most photographers offered to their clients. They still are popular but now offer a range of modern matts styles to keep up with today’s trends in wedding Album design. Matted albums are at the higher end of the market due to the extra cost of making the matts but are a great way of showing off your […]

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Unique Wedding Reception & Wedding Ideas


This is a wedding I did a while ago at chandeliers on abbey, which is located at Yallingup in the south west of Western Australia. The 220 Guests upon entering the reception found their table by means of two French doors that had names written on the glass panels with fruit signifying what table they sat on.  The table styling and layout was truly unique all the tables were adorned with a fruit bowl filled with a type of fruit that corresponded with the doors. Fun was had by all who danced enthusiastically to the band that was flown in from Sydney for the wedding. I felt like putting down my camera at times to join in the dancing as this was one of the most fun and enjoyable receptions I have witnessed. Guests were still partying when I left at around 12.45 am.

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    Things to Consider When Choosing a Perth Wedding Photographer

Things to Consider When Choosing a Perth Wedding Photographer

The sometimes arduous task of searching for a photographer for your wedding is something that should not be taking lightly. With so many photographers in Perth Western Australia to choose from, makes that job even harder.

How willing is the bride and groom to hand over hard-earned money to somebody that they may only have met for half an hour or so, to be trusted with their wedding photos. (more…)

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How to Preserve Your Wedding Photos

What happens after your wedding day and how to preserve your wedding photos?

Your wedding day is over the excitement and emotions of the ceremony and reception has passed, the many months spent organising your event has been well worth the effort.

All that is left is to do is await your photos from your wedding photographer. Many brides and grooms do not pay enough attention into how their wedding photos will be displayed or preserved.

The importance of having your wedding photos either printed or made into a wedding Album is something that should be of the highest priority after the event. Let’s consider the fact, that most wedding photographers in Perth now give a disc with a wedding photography package.

Today technology and digital media is great but consider how many images will last into the future, I personally love seeing photos from 100 years ago being able to hold and see a piece of history; a window into the past.

To ensure that your photos last for many years to come, care should be taken with them. Apart from having a wedding album, other ways to present your images are listed below.


Giving that the disc you receive from your photographer are on digital media, you want to make sure you at least make backup copies on as many hard drives and computers as possible. Digital media can fail over time, so the last thing you would want is to lose all your wedding photos.

Make an effort in getting as many photos printed, you don’t need to print them all only get the ones you really like done; they can be stored in a nice solander box to help preserve them. A solander box is used by conservators for […]

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Planning a Perth Wedding


When the man of your dreams finally pops the question, the first few weeks seem as if they are a dream.  After you come back to reality, most women do not realize how much planning is involved until people start asking, “So when’s the wedding?”  Many women recruit help to ease the load of all the planning details and call in a professional to ensure their special day is absolutely perfect.  Planning a Perth Wedding can alleviate much of the stress associated with this process since they already have the connections and know the best venues for your Perth wedding to fit your desires and specifications.  If a wedding planner simply is not in the budget, use these simple tips to assist you with the large task that lies ahead.


Hire a Wedding Planner

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, make sure you find someone who understands your vision and is willing to accommodate your requests.  You want to find someone who has a similar sense of style and can make your dream wedding a reality.  It is also important that you find someone who is organized and always a professional.  The first impression can be very telling and will let you know if you are simply a pay check or a priority.  You want someone who is available and easily accessible to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have.  Most importantly, you want to find someone with experience because they will have the connections and know how to meet all your requests and stay within your budget.


Plan your Own Wedding

If you are like most couples, a wedding planner just is not in the budget.  You can still pull off an […]

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