Do I receive my wedding photos on disc in full resolution?
Yes all edited photos are in full resolution, on USB with no watermark.
How long does it take to receive my photos after the wedding?
It normally takes between 4 to 6 weeks after the wedding to edit and send you the photos.
How many photos do I receive from my wedding?
Normally anywhere from 300 to 600 and more depending on the day.
Do you design the wedding album or can I choose images for it?
I prefer to design the albums, but you may select all the images for it.
Do we need to meet for a designing session for the album?
No I design it and you can see the album via email or an online preview then you can make changes via email.
Are you the photographer that will photograph my wedding?
Yes you are booking me to photograph your wedding.
Do you have an assistant photographer?
No, I normally photograph weddings by myself; if you require a second photographer for your wedding it can be arranged.
Are there any limits on locations used during the day?
No but time restraints and variable factors will limit the amount we can use.
What camera equipment do you use?
I use Sony A7III Canon 5d mkIV and professional  series lenses.
Do you have a backup camera?
Yes I have 2 cameras on me all the time.
Do your cameras have dual memory cards?
Yes, 2 sets of photos are recorded to the cards to safeguard against memory card failure.
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