Looking for a professional wedding photographer ?


Searching for a photographer to capture your wedding can be a time consuming process with the amount of photography businesses  to choose from, It is a very big decision, who can you entrust with such a special day.

My goal is to provide photography that you will cherish for many years.

You want your photos to be Amazing you don’t want them to look like happy snaps or something anybody could do with a point and shoot camera.

Your photos should be like a work of art proud to hang on your wall, They should tell a story of your day and should bring back memories for a life time.




Why choose us

I take pride in all the weddings I do and I believe this shows in my portfolio, numerous hours are spent editing your photos to give them that extra dimension.

Image backup procedures, all images are backed up on at least 3 hard drives to prevent data loss.

Insurance liability, we have public liability insurance to cover the unforeseen.

Professional camera equipment, we only use the best camera bodies and lenses and Speedlights.

Backup Equipment, this is something we always have, no professional photographer would even consider a wedding without backup camera gear.

Wedding Albums, our albums all designed in house by me,  you can also make changes to the design if you wish.

AIPP accredited, the photography industry in unregulated so anybody can call themselves a professional photographer I’m a AIPP accredited photographer with Award winning wedding photos 

A little about me

I have always been into some form of creative art either painting drawing or photography. Painting was my first love from the beginnings in 1987 after learning to paint from a local artist my hard work soon saw my paintings hanging in People’s homes.

Photography soon started in 1991 with my first SLR camera purchase this was used along with my art for creative purposes.

Over the years i have exhibited in many local  art exhibitions and sold mainly through galleries to buyers all around the world.

2006 was my last art exhibition held a gallows gallery in Mosman Park this was a very successful show attended by around 250 art lovers.

With the GFC hitting around 2008 things in the art market became harder and i started to yearn for some other creative path. A mutual friend who is a photographer said that I should try weddings which I had never given a thought about doing. So I went to shoot weddings with him for a while and got a real buzz from them. Soon after I was booking weddings on my own and business started to grow.


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